Experience is the best teacher.
We’ve spent over three decades growing wiser.

  • 1982

    FSA co-founded

    with Dave Petersen during Bear market.

  • 1983

    FSA learned from Bear market.

    Created the FSA Safety Net® to protect clients' investments.

  • 1987

    October 19th, Black Monday.

    Stock markets plummet worldwide. FSA Safety Net® first tested.

  • 1990s

    FSA grows, building relationships coast to coast.

    "Follow The Money" strategy takes advantage of markets poised to grow.

  • 1990s

    Bull market won't end.

    No need for a Plan B, right?

  • 2000

    Tech bubble bursts.

    Plan B = FSA Safety Net®

  • 2008

    Housing bubble bursts. Unemployment spikes.

    FSA Safety Net® goes to work.

  • 2011

    FSA opens branch office:

    Fort Myers, Florida.

  • 2012

    30 years in business.

    Two offices, clients in 40 states, $500M+ invested.