1st Quarter 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a couple new employees to FSA! Introducing John Jones and Jessica Pavik!

John and Jessica came to FSA along with a group of new clients on April 1. While both will be helping in the servicing of new and existing clients, Jessica will also assist the investment management team in their day-to-day trading activities.

They came to us on the heels of a merger that was completed this year, bringing the clients of Dolan Financial Corporation (DFC) to the FSA family on April 1. After a successful career of

nearly 40 years, their long-time advisor was looking to retire. He wanted to find a good home for John, Jessica and the DFC clients – and we are pleased and honored to have them

join us. Please say hello the next time you call in!

On another note, we know this is a very challenging time for many investors. If you have any questions that we can help with, please call us. Also, we are bringing on new clients and welcome the opportunity to explain our story, including the FSA Safety Net®, to any of your family, friends or colleagues – just let us know.

Stay safe and healthy!

Jim Joseph, CFP®



FSA’s current written Disclosure Brochure and Privacy Notice discussing our current advisory services and fees is available at www.FSAinvest.com/disclosures or by calling 301-949-7300.





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