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Financial Services Advisory, Inc. (“Company”) is an SEC-registered investment advisor located in Rockville, Maryland. Company and its advisors are in compliance with current filing requirements imposed upon SEC-registered investment advisory firms and by those states in which Company maintains clients. Company may only transact business in those states in which it is registered or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.

FSA may provide you with access to certain online aggregation or financial planning applications/platforms (Platforms) that allow you to view your financial information including Held-Away Assets that are not managed by FSA. FSA does not verify any information obtained from you, your attorney, accountant or other professionals, including information from your custodian or plan sponsor. All information is for the purpose of reporting/consolidating assets and liabilities, and all such information shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the “Held-Away Assets” section of your agreement with FSA. Access to the Platforms is for your ease and convenience and shall not, in any manner whatsoever, be construed as services, advice or recommendations provided by FSA, and FSA shall not be responsible for any adverse results you may experience by engaging in financial planning, use of planning tools or other functions available on the Platforms, without Advisor’s assistance or oversight.

You will receive monthly/quarterly statements from your account custodian. We urge you to take a moment to compare the information contained in this report to the statements that you receive from your account custodian. Some minor discrepancies may appear based on the timing of dividend payments. Please also note that your account custodian does not verify the accuracy of the management fee calculation. If you have any questions or have not received your statement, please contact us (301.949.7300) or your account custodian for assistance.

FSA has relied upon account information provided by your account custodian and has not been independently verified nor does it reflect the impact of income taxes. Your account may hold non-managed securities solely as a courtesy to you. FSA does not accept responsibility to monitor the ongoing performance of any non-managed security(ies) which is your (or your designated professional’s) ongoing responsibility. Correspondingly, non-managed securities held in the account(s) are not included in the assets under management for purposes of calculating your performance.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. It should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy or product (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by FSA or the FSA Safety Net®), or any non-investment related services, content or advice, will prove successful or profitable, or equal any historical performance level(s).

The FSA Safety Net® is designed to represent an exit point for securities within a portfolio to help reduce losses during sustained downward trends. The FSA Safety Net® is not effective and will not protect assets in periods leading up to and including abrupt/sudden market declines. Examples of such occurrences include, but are not limited to, the market crash of October 1987, the market drop in October 1989, the market disruption caused by the terrorist attacks of September 2001 and the flash crash of May 2010. Similar future occurrences could reduce the effectiveness of the FSA Safety Net®. In addition, the FSA Safety Net® will not protect assets in the event that the account custodian, mutual fund sponsor or manager, annuity sponsor or manager, a specific security itself and/or the stock exchanges, at their discretion, suspend, disallow or fail to conduct trades, exchanges, redemptions or liquidations requested by FSA or you.

FSA is not a law firm, accounting firm or an insurance agency, and no portion of FSA’s services should be construed as comprehensive financial planning or legal, insurance or accounting advice. Rather, you should seek the advice of your attorney, insurance agent, accountant or other corresponding professional advisor with respect to such issues. We do not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor do we sell insurance products.

It is your exclusive obligation and sole responsibility to immediately notify FSA, in writing, if there is a change in your financial situation or overall long-term investment objective including, but not limited to, personal/financial situation, goals, needs or concerns/views regarding economic/political/financial climate as well as any changes in investment alternatives, restrictions, etc. for the purpose of reviewing, evaluating or revising any of FSA’s previous recommendations and/or services, or if you want to impose, add or modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment advisory services. Please Note: Unless you advise, in writing, to the contrary, there are no restrictions on our services, other than to manage the account in accordance with your designated investment objective.