Market Update

A Tricky Balancing Act

Many of us have fond childhood memories of the teeter-totter (some parts of the country use the term see-saw) at the playground. While bouncing up and down was all good […]

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March Madness Comes to an End

The annual national distraction that is the NCAA basketball tournament ended on a game-winning shot last week that will no doubt go down as one of the most thrilling in […]

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Stocks Stumble

As we begin this New Year and the east coast braces for its first big storm of the winter, we wanted to give you a brief update on the markets […]

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When the Seas Get Angry

We may be greeting each other with Happy New Year, but many are talking about the unusual weather patterns across the country and a not-so-happy stock market. As we talk […]

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Looking Forward

While the U.S. stock and bond markets have stalled during 2015, one thing is obvious — volatility has returned. Even in a flat month like November, we saw quite a […]

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Correction, What Correction?

October Market Review From Your Portfolio Management Team — November 11, 2015 Stock markets shrugged off the concerns from the summer and staged an impressive rebound in October, rising 8% […]

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Is Rain a Good Thing or Bad?

The Washington DC area went through a dry spell in August/September, with rainfall well below its long-term average. For the typical resident, dry weather is preferable to wet weather since […]

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