Market Update

Once Again October Spooks Investors

The month of October has a reputation for scaring investors. The one-day crashes of 1929 and 1987 happened in October. And who could forget the 17% drop in stock prices […]

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Rising Interest Rates Finally Bite Stocks

The stock market has an uncanny ability to ignore various factors, until the point that it becomes obsessed with them. Short-term interest rates have been on the rise for the […]

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Stocks Hit New High — What’s Next?

Stocks have spent most of this year slowly climbing out of a hole created when they fell sharply in February and March. For technically oriented firms like ours, it is […]

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A Changing of the Guard?

Stocks are generally split into two broad categories: growth stocks and value stocks. Growth stocks are those that tend to generate earnings (profits) consistently, regardless of broad economic cycles, because […]

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Markets Struggling to Get into Gear

Stock and bond markets around the world are struggling to find direction in 2018. By this point last year, U.S. and foreign stocks were up by close to double digits, […]

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Navigating the Waiting Game

What a difference a new year makes. Just when investors might have been lulled into the notion that a low-volatility and upward-trending environment was here to stay, the stock market […]

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Strong Earnings Equal Choppy Market

While 2017 was full of frightening headlines and constant bemoaning over both domestic and foreign policy, the market trudged ahead in an exceptionally low-volatility manner. Nothing seemed to matter, whether […]

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