Market Update

Navigating the Waiting Game

What a difference a new year makes. Just when investors might have been lulled into the notion that a low-volatility and upward-trending environment was here to stay, the stock market […]

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Strong Earnings Equal Choppy Market

While 2017 was full of frightening headlines and constant bemoaning over both domestic and foreign policy, the market trudged ahead in an exceptionally low-volatility manner. Nothing seemed to matter, whether […]

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Winter Storm Hits Markets

Stocks have made an abrupt about-face in the early days of February after marching steadily higher in January, a continuation of the bull market party in place since the election […]

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It Ain’t Over — til It’s Over

2017 was a year to celebrate gains in most stock markets around the world. The S&P 500 index continued to be the favored index, though some international markets also shone […]

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The Bond Market and Navigating Rising Rates

The future course of interest rates is a topic of much attention lately, as the economy continues its slow but steady recovery from the financial crisis of 2008. How quickly […]

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Reflections on the Market Crash of 1987

Last month marked the 30-year anniversary of the October 1987 stock market plunge in which the major indices fell over 20% in a single day. It still remains the largest […]

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Market Rotation Continues

Stocks continued to advance in the third quarter, with the S&P 500 index rising about 4%. That is a pretty strong result for the period, especially as August and September […]

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