Founding Partner

  • Certified Financial Planner™
  • Financial Planning Association (FPA) - Member
  • Council of Independent Financial Advisors - Member

Dave works with clients providing financial and investment advice, as well as serving as a key point of contact for prospective clients. In addition, he is a member of the firm’s leadership team.

Dave co-founded FSA in 1982 upon the belief that successful investing requires an active, disciplined management strategy. His belief to building and preserving wealth requires that you must not only take advantage of advancing markets but more importantly adapt to changing environments and protect capital in declining markets to ultimately have financial peace of mind.

Over 35 years, Dave has managed client assets by having an exit strategy and has coined the firm's mantra: “Preserving money is just as important as making it.”

He has gained a considerable amount of recognition in the media for FSA’s unique active management strategy. He was included in Washingtonian's list of Top Investment Advisors and has been featured in The Washington Post and Barron’s, Business Week, and Personal Financial Planning magazines.

Dave studied at Brigham Young University and earned his undergraduate degree in finance with an emphasis in investments, taxation and financial planning.

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