Myennohweh McCurrie, CFP®

Myennohweh McCurrie, CFP®

Financial Advisor

  • Financial Planning Association (FPA) – Member

Myennohweh works with clients providing financial planning and investment advice. She works alongside the other advisors to prepare for meetings and build out financial plans. 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Myennohweh promotes financial literacy and the value of having a financial plan. She enjoys partnering with an array of clients to deep dive into a variety of topics including retirement, education, investment, and estate planning,

Myennohweh originally joined the financial services industry because she recognized how many people could benefit from the help of a trusted financial advisor. Over the years, her passion has grown even stronger as she has worked with clients to understand their financial lives and build plans for their future.

Prior to joining FSA, the Virginia Tech grad worked at other firms, including Edelman Financial and Raymond James, where she was able to develop a client-first philosophy while working on the unique financial circumstances of clients who lived all over the globe.

Outside of work, Myennohweh enjoys cooking, cake decorating, and planning events for her family and friends.

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