Technical Tuesdays

Financial Goals for the New Year

 Kim Scott and Derek Kravitz discuss smart goal setting in our first 2021 edition of Technical Tuesdays. SMART Goals Transcript Derek Kravitz: Hi everybody. Welcome to another Technical Tuesdays […]

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 Brady Darrington, Senior Operations Manager, discusses cybersecurity and shares some of the best industry practices that may help you feel more comfortable in today’s cyberworld. CYBERSECURITY TRANSCRIPT Hi. My […]

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Stock Splits

Kim Scott and Derek Kravitz discuss what a stock split is and what it does, as well as share some recent examples. STOCK SPLITS TRANSCRIPT Kim: Hey, everyone. Welcome to […]

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Estate Planning

 Kim Scott and Derek Kravitz discuss the importance of estate planning and the various documents that are part of that process. Estate Planning Transcript Derek: Hi, everybody. This is […]

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 In this edition of Technical Tuesdays, Mike Zarrelli talks about the importance of budgeting and shares examples of how to create a budget. Budgeting Transcript Thank you for joining […]

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Why This Industry?

 Kim Scott, Director of Financial Planning, and Derek Kravitz, Investment Analyst, share a little about themselves and tell us why they chose to get into this industry. Why This […]

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Inverse Funds

Ron Rough, Chief Investment Officer, explains what inverse funds are and how FSA uses them as a risk management tool. Inverse Funds Transcript Hello, this is Ron Rough with the […]

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Mutual Funds and ETFs

In this edition of our Technical Tuesdays videos, Mary Ann explains the types of investments FSA uses to manage client portfolios. Mutual Funds and ETFs Transcript Hello, and welcome to […]

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 In this edition of Technical Tuesdays, Mike shares important information on the CARES Act. The CARES Act Transcript Thank you for joining us for Technical Tuesdays. I’m Mike Zarrelli, […]

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