Technical Tuesdays

Master Medicare with Margo

FSA has partnered with Margo Steinlage, President of Steinlage Insurance Agency, to help with understanding Medicare and how to create a healthcare package that works for you.   FSA’s current […]

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Should You Pay off Your Mortgage Early?

 Kim Basenback, CFP®, and Mike Zarrelli, CFP®, EA, discuss the financial and emotional reasons to consider when deciding whether to pay off your mortgage early. Should You Pay off […]

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Taxes: To Self-Prepare or Hire a Tax Professional?

 Kim Basenback, CFP®, and Mike Zarrelli, CFP®, share their thoughts about when to prepare your own taxes and when to consider hiring a tax professional. Taxes:  To Self-Prepare or […]

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Managing Finances for Married Couples

Kim Basenback, CFP®, and Mike Zarrelli, CFP®, discuss managing finances for couples in this edition of Technical Tuesdays. Managing Finances for Married Couples Transcript Mike: Hey, everyone. Welcome to our […]

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Cryptocurrencies Part II

 In this Technical Tuesdays video, Mike Zarrelli and Derek Kravitz continue their discussion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  CRYPTOCURRENCIES PART II TRANSCRIPT Mike: Welcome back to Technical Tuesdays. We’re going […]

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Benefits of a 401(k)

 In our March 2021 Technical Tuesdays video, Mike Zarrelli and Derek Kravitz talk about 401(k)s and their importance. Benefits of a 401(k) Transcript Derek Kravitz: Hi, everybody. This is […]

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 Derek Kravitz and Mike Zarrelli discuss what cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are and share the implications of this asset class.   Cryptocurrencies Transcript Derek: Hi, everybody. This is Derek with […]

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Financial Goals for the New Year

 Kim Scott and Derek Kravitz discuss smart goal setting in our first 2021 edition of Technical Tuesdays. SMART Goals Transcript Derek Kravitz: Hi everybody. Welcome to another Technical Tuesdays […]

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 Brady Darrington, Senior Operations Manager, discusses cybersecurity and shares some of the best industry practices that may help you feel more comfortable in today’s cyberworld. CYBERSECURITY TRANSCRIPT Hi. My […]

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