Financial Planning Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2024

Suppose you’ve been contributing to a 529 college savings plan, but your son or daughter doesn’t use all the money for tuition, books, etc.  Do you just ask for the […]

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1st Quarter 2024

Most of the investing world is a bit weird about the Federal Open Market Committee meetings, which is where the nation’s central bank announces its latest interest rate policy.  The […]

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4th Quarter 2023

With the volatility in the markets lately, you might not realize that we are currently experiencing an outrageous investment mania.  Stocks of companies that are involved in artificial intelligence have […]

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3rd Quarter 2023

How long do you think you’re going to live?  How does that compare to other countries? One of the most surprising pieces of news to many people is that they […]

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1st Quarter 2023

A combined measure of 10-year government bond yields from a basket of major economies has fallen below a similar basket of one- to three-year government bonds; in other words, you […]

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4th Quarter 2022

My goodness; stocks are taking a terrible beating these days. From the way the market is behaving, one might think that some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies […]

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3rd Quarter 2022

Are we in a recession today?  That’s one of the key questions that investors and economists are asking, and there is no easy answer. A recession is a period of […]

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2nd Quarter 2022

By now you know that the U.S. is experiencing a fairly dramatic inflation rate.  The Consumer Price Index rose 7.9% last year, and prices this year are surging as well.  […]

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