Social Security for Singles

Kim breaks down options for Social Security for singles in this week’s Technical Tuesdays video. She explains when singles can file for benefits, and how to decide when is the right time to start collecting Social Security payments.

This video is part two of our five part Social Security Series. If this video doesn’t apply to you, stay tuned for future videos focused on your situation!

Social Security for Singles Transcript

Welcome to Technical Tuesday with Financial Services Advisory I’m Kim Scott and I’m your host today. Today we’re going to be talking about Social Security benefits for singles.

Now if you’re divorced or widowed, this isn’t necessarily for you. You have specific rules in your situations.

Please refer back to our Social Security Basics video for the nuts and bolts around when you can file and what the impact is.

Basically there are 3 mile-markers when you can file:

  1. Age 62 (early retirement)
  2. Your Full Retirement Age (based on the year you were born), and
  3. Age 70 (when your benefit’s maximized)

The longer you wait, the higher your benefit will be for the rest of your life.

social security for singles – breakeven

One thing to note, is if you wait until your benefit is maximized at age 70, your breakeven point is around your early 80s. Which means if you live beyond your early 80s, it made sense for you to delay all the way to 70.

If you think your life expectancy is earlier than your early 80s, then it may make sense to file earlier than age 70.

If you have any questions based on your specific situation, feel free to give us a call or email us. For now, I’m Kim Scott and this has been Technical Tuesday!

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