Summer of COVID

Ann Wickerham

During COVID, I’ve been pretty much been laying low. I haven’t traveled anywhere except to curbside pickup places—I didn’t even open our pool this year as family members and neighbors would have been swarming over to use it. I haven’t been around my kids except for a quick brunch with my daughter which was a highlight. When not working from home, I’ve been taking staycations and am getting a lot done around the house. Other than missing seeing my co-workers and having that physical interaction, I’m enjoying being able to work from home. The commute is much less stressful, and I’m getting three weeks to a gallon on my car. I’m blessed that we have the technology in place to be able to work as efficiently at home as if we were in the office so that we can service our clients without interruption.

Brady Darrington

This is a hike in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho I took with my brother this July.

Dave Petersen

During this time of isolation, I’m finding opportunities for daily walks with my wife Terri. More overall family time has been rich with discussions. We are finding friends to visit in places like Maine and NC. I’m enjoying connecting with co-workers and clients via zoom but miss being with people.

Derek Kravitz

I have spent my last few months going on long bike rides and learning the Python coding language. I have tried to be outside as much as possible while still respecting social distancing etiquette. This picture was taken in Shenandoah National Park where my girlfriend and I recently went hiking. I had stopped to look at a neat waterfall coming through the rocks above.

Jamie Leggeiri

During Covid, I’ve gone to two different sunflower fields, done a window visit with my sweet grandmother Bum Bum at her nursing home, and have been able to spend lots of extra time with my dog Ava.

Jessica Pavik

I’m grateful to be happy, healthy, and back to working out at Orange Theory Fitness!

Jim Applegate

Modern technology has allowed me to continue working as we’ve traveled the country in our RV during this pandemic.

Jim Joseph

While we all remained safe from the virus, this year has certainly been one for the memory books. Working remotely has allowed for much more flexibility and connection with family, especially ones that live far away. Thanks to Zoom, I was able to meet clients whom I’ve never seen face-to-face! My 3 daughters turned 15 (Jenna), 12 (Brooke), and 9 (Leah) this year. We started the year driving down to Florida to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary since the original 100-person celebration was cancelled. From there, we spent a lot of time at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland with family and friends coming and going (while wearing masks, of course!) Oh…and we found an adorable puppy along the way named Maggie!

John Jones

I’ve taken advantage of this down time due to COVID to study for my CFP exam.

Kim Donohue

When not working on fixing up our house to put on the market, I’ve been able to enjoy time around the fire while camping with my family and our dog. I’ve even been able to spend some time working from our camper thanks to my iPad’s hotspot!

Kim Scott

Throughout COVID, I’ve taken the opportunity to explore DC more. Early on, I was able to visit most of the monuments without anyone else there, not something that occurs very often in DC! I’ve also taken a few road trips and spent a lot of time with my boyfriend Jordan. We recently went to Ohio, and I got to see his alma mater, Kent State (location of the picture in the upper right-hand corner). My most recent excitement is my new puppy Cooper! He is a rescue, and I’m told is a lab mix (I’m hoping to find out for sure soon). He is full of energy and so very sweet.

Mary Ann Drucker

I did a lot of stargazing at night with my younger son through his telescope in our backyard. Using his iPhone with his telescope, my son was able to take the attached photo of the moon. We’ve seen Saturn (with rings), Jupiter, and many star clusters.

Mike Zarrelli

Sydney and I have made the most of the summer by making memories at the beach.

Ron Rough

My wife Jenny and I drove out to Colorado to enjoy the mountains and big sky.